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Making Your Own Supplement, Beverages, Powders, Tinctures and Other Well-Being Products Has Never Been Easier!


We can supply all of your Liquid Dietary Supplement Manufacturing, New Product Development, cGMP 21.111 Product Testing, and Powder Packaging. We can also manufacture and help create brands for Detox Drinks, Energy Shots, Tinctures, Sports Drinks, Smart Waters, Flavored Teas, and many other custom beverages. Contact us to discuss your individual needs

We Help You Create, Design, Manufacture, And Distrubute Your Brand Across The USA.

Rapid Supplement Manufacturing is A One-Stop-Shop for all Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Supplements, And Beverage Product needs. We help you create and or fulfill a need in any industry. 
We also Design & Create your idea, And Ship it to your new customers with the love you put in it!

How we create Brands with clients

We Love creating your products and supplying the best in value, style and brand recognition.

Create your future
1:1 Consultation

We can handle design, packaging, development, branding, formulation and build a plan to make it a success. 


The current beverage market is over $146 Billion dollars in all non-alcoholic beverages. The powder drink mix market is still growing. 

Tincture Market

The market is getting bigger every year. Most Companies cannot meet the rules and regulations we can with your brand!


Supplements are getting more and more regulated as they should be. We Meet all cGMP standards & Test quality, making it an easy decision to choose us for your branding solutions.

Client Success Stories

“Rapid Supplement Made my idea for a drink mix into an actual product within weeks! I started small and now they distribute my product in 3 countries and all USA states. “

David Nelson

New York, USA

“Steve and Markus are Pretty much geniuses when it comes to science and marketing. They walked me through color pallets, and formulation and made sure I got the best bang for my customer’s buck.”

Scott Trembleton

Phoenix, AZ

“We were having problems with a current provider and Rapid Supplement manufacturing fixed all the flaws in the previous design and manufacturing and even helped us with keywords on Amazon! We Sell twice what we normally did. “

Audrey Flanders

North Port, Virginia




We are a Pharma-Grade Private Label Supplement Manufacturing Company with the ability to do private label manufacturing for top-quality ideas into production. Our process gets you started from idea to customer. We can offer a comprehensive package of nutritional products and services.